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Crank It Till You Make It... To The Finish Line!

It's Sport Day at the prestigious St Thompsons High School for Girls, and the most important event at all school sports days in the space year of 2057 is the dreaded Crankathlon - Nine gruelling (and largely easy to program in the space of a weekend) events that really puts it's participants to the test!


Theoretically I made this for PlayJam2, though I'm hitting the theme a little tenuously here - I'd already been pondering what a Playdate take on something like Track and Field would be, and this was a good opportunity to low-stakes, low-commitment spitball out a few ideas. The game is completely unbalanced and generally way too easy, apart from the hammer throw event, which is way too hard. It was a Gamejam game, so expect bugs, and also a lot of sound effects and audio queues I didn't get around to putting in. Well, I guess you should not expect the later of those, since they're not there, but you know what I mean.

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Even though on my first go I didn't place first overall, it was a lot of fun going through all the mini games. I really sucked at the one you shoot buckets. :P


To be fair, the bucket game is a little broken to be honest, but it was a Gamejam project and I kind of ran out of time to fiddle with the controls and the collision detection on that a little more.


wow I can't wait to play this. Lifelong hardcore crash 'n the boys fan.